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Being Ourselves



Treasures In The Garden

Don’t ever let someone else’s

bitterness change who we are.

When we are treated
badly by others….
walk away,
and keep on being ourselves.
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My word for today ” SMILE!”
I choose to live each day with joy in my heart.

A Cup of Happiness

 Treasures In The Garden

Add a little magic to each day:





Say kind words

Offer gratitude

Make Love

Add a little happiness to somebody’s life,
And add happiness to your own life
As a consequence.

My word for today is : “MAGIC!”
I will spend each day with my  heart filled with magic and love.

In The Pursuit of Happiness

Treasures In The Garden

 There is enough happiness for everyone…….

Happiness is an inside job…..

Happiness can’t

be travelled to

owned, accrued,worn,or

consumed. Happiness is

the spiritual experience of

living every minute with

love, grace and gratitude.

When life throws us

hundreds of reasons to break 

down and cry, show life that 

we have a thousand reasons

to smile, laugh and be happy.

Lots of reasons to be STRONG!

Remember the time to be happy is NOW!

TIME waits for no one.

I choose to live with joy and happiness in my heart.

My word for today is “NOW!” 

Following along…….

Treasures In The Garden

Another to do list for today…….


Think positively


Live simply

Hug tightly

Give generously

Laugh loudly

Smile brightly

Love unconditionally

Speak kindly

Dream nightly.

                    Soul Writings


…….to keep on track of nurturing the soul.


My word for today is “nurturin

The journey keeps on keeping on….

Treasures In The Garden

Whilst on this journey…….

While on the journey called “Life”,

Take the good with the bad.

Smile even when you feel sad,

Love what you’ve got,

Remember what you had,

 Always Forgive,

You don’t have to forget,

Learn by the mistakes you have made…

But never Regret.

 People change,

 Things can go wrong.


the journey still goes on.

                            Carole Herman

…….life goes on. And if we stop, we get left behind!


My word for today is “Journey!”



Still on the journey

Treasures In The Garden

The ABC’s 




Accept your reality

 Be present. Be bold.

  Create something Exciting!

   Drink plenty of water. Dance!

    Exercise daily. Eat fresh food.

     Feel your emotions. Face your fear.

      Go outside and observe nature. Give…….

       Hug often. Help others.

        Ignite your passion.

         Jump through your comfort zone.

          Kiss passionately. Keep looking forward.

          Laugh. Love. Learn to let go.

          Meditate daily. Make goals. Make Love passionately.

          Never give up on what you want.

          Own a pet. Observe beauty.

          Pray. Paint.Play an instrument.

         Quit a bad habit.Quiet your mind.

         Read. Relax. Reinvent yourself.

         Smile. Sleep. Simplify.

         Take power naps. Talk wisely.

         Unleash your strengths.

         Vent. Visualise your dreams.

        Walk. Write. Watch the sunset.

       Xerox your smiling face.

      Yell less. Yield to your thoughts.

     Zap negativity. 


Sent to me by my beautiful Daughter- in -law, Marjo, whom I love dearly.

Good ideals to live by. 

Th e gift of love

Treasures In The Garden


Who will be the beneficiary today?


 Who will benefit from the caring and kindness

 you share with others today?

Who are you going to wrap

 in the warmth of your love?

Who is going to feel the warmth 

of your welcoming smile?

Who will feel the reassurance 

of the support you extend to others?

Give your GIFT of love to all you meet in the world this day!

                                                                                                            Dr. Jeff Mullan