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Joy is in the air

Treasures In The Garden

Being positive, peaceful and productive…….


You’re worried about how you are going

to feel at the end of your life?

What about right now?


Right this minute.

That’s where the joy is!

                                                           – Abigail Thomas


…….can open opportunities in the most unlikely places!


My word for today is “Opportunity!”


Keep Life Moving…….

Treasures In The Garden


Moving in a positive direction:


Remember that you own your words!

Which of your words will you be today?


I am going to add PEACEFUL to my POSITIVE from the other day.

…….and saying that “I am extraordinary!”  each time

 I look at myself in the mirror


                                                                                               Robin Moore

A life of Inspiration

Treasures In The garden


Starting today…….

How I live out my life

Is the encouraging message I send out to the world

 I will make sure that the message that I send  out 

 Is a message of inspiration…….


……. I will be positive, peaceful and productive and inspirational.

Are you a winner?


Treasures In The Garden


What winning means……. when it is applied at home within family life…….


If we equate success in business with rewards of riches, power and fame,

 What rewards do we receive for the investment 

of generosity, services, and humility,

turning the other cheek,

loving each other unconditionally,

loving ourselves?

Is our reward “prosperity of spirit“?

Beautiful things take place in our lives

 when we distance ourselves from all that is negative……., 


…….and only build on being positive, productive and peaceful.

From little things big things grow!