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Living our Life in Peace

Treasures In The Garden

You only live once ?

NOT True…….

We live every single day.

We only DIE once!

  CE Collection


Why do we only “Rest in peace?”

Why don’t we” Live in peace” as well?”

My word for today is” LIVE!”


I plan to live each day with a heart filled with joy and peace.


Attitude Gratitude

Treasures In The Garden

Make every day count…….

Be grateful for

every second of 

every day that you

get to spend with

the people you love

LIFE is so very


Soul Writings

……. every second is precious.

My word for today is “PRECIOUS!”

A matter of remembering

           Treasures In The Garden

    Reminding ourselves…….

Everyday when we wake up

We need to remember we have been given

Only one life to

 Create all that we need

 Have all our needs granted

And become anything that we want to

And ……. contribute as much as we like.

                                                                   Jeff Moore


….… to contribute to life in order to receive back our chosen rewards.

  My word for today is “Rewards”!  

Take time to frolic in the rain…….

Treasures In The Garden


Making precious memories…….

Sometimes circumstances or people

 can take away our material belongings;

they can take away our finances;

and they can take away our good health……

 But…. NO ONE can take away our precious memories!


to make time,

 to take opportunities

 to make memories EVERYDAY….

Please take the time to “run and frolic in the rain.”

                                                                       Morning Story with Dilbert