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The Power of Intent

Treasures In The Garden


 I believe in the power of intention

to change the landscape of society;

And it is my intention to live an authentic

 life of compassion,integrity and action

                                                                                        Zachary Quinto

At the end of the day…….

It takes a

 powerful intention,

a powerful choice,

to make our life 

go in a different direction to

What it is going now.

We need to believe 

that things WILL work

out. Not as we had 

planned, but how

things were meant to be.

Change the way we look at things and things we look at CHANGE.

Wayne Dyer

I choose to live my life with joy in my heart.

My word for today is “INTENTION!”


Never Give Up

Treasures In The Garden

A positive mind plus positive thinking …….


Have courage and a belief in yourself,

Maintain a positive outlook, 

Encourage others to be positive too.

Don’t get caught up in negatives– 

Stick to the positive,

 Listen to others to find ways to be be positive,

Always look for ways to improve,

Focus on the here and now,

 Don’t dwell on past mistakes,

Don’t get distracted from moving forward,

Inspire others to believe in themselves.

Always do your best,

 Never give up!

Sarah Wall- professional basketballer

Australian Catholics magazine 

…….adds up to a positive outcome!


My word for today is”STICKABILITY!”

The best day ever

Treasures In The Garden


Believe in yourself…….

Believe within your heart

That something wonderful

is about to happen for you.

Believe in the power you have within you.

Believe in your own potential.

Believe in your own special goodness.

 Wake each morning feeling at peace.

 Greet each new morning

in awe of being alive.


……. Wake to each morning  with gratitude

My word for today is “Believe!”

Believe in Miracles

Treasures In The Garden


If only we would believe…….


Believe that’s your life is a miracle

and you have your part to play.



…….and join the game of life!


Last night I heard of a miracle that I had been praying would happen.

My sister’s daughter- in- law had been diagnosed with a tumour growing between her heart and her lung.

 It was thought it would be inoperable. The tumour was attached to the lung and was beginning to through out feelers.

 It seemed be very aggressive. So the doctors took a punt and operated anyway, and the miracle is that the tumour came away with the minor loss of part of the lung, and the doctors are confident that got the entire tumour.

 Thank you God.

Thank you St. Jude

 Thank you St. Mary McKillop!

 Life and life giving are truly miracles.


Watching the waves

Treasures In The Garden


Dropping that kind word…..

Drop a pebble in the water- just a splash and it is gone.

But there’s half a hundred ripples circling on and on and on.

They are spreading, spreading and the ripples rise and fall.

While the music of the swelling brings a thought for one and all.

As you watch the waves of water as they widen round and round.

Think how simple was their starting, just a pebble from the ground.

Drop an unkind word , or careless, in a second it is gone.

 And there’s half a hundred ripples circling on and on and on. 

They are spreading, ever spreading from the centre as they go,

And there’s not a way to stop them once you’ve started them to flow.

And perhaps in some sad heart a mighty wave of tears you’ve stirred

And disturbed a life once happy when you’ve dropped that unkind word.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness– in a moment it is gone,

But there’s half a hundred ripples circling on and on and on.

Bearing songs and hope and gladness on each buoyant, joyous wave,

Till you’d not believe the volume from the little thought you gave;

And you’ve rolled a wave of comfort whose sweet music may be heard,

 Circling miles and miles around you- just dropping that kind word.

                          From Father Pat’s Minister’s Fraternal Column “A Christian Comment”

How much value there is in giving so little.

Making the most of today

Treasures In The Garden

Cherish the ones you love the most ….


You never know how long your life will be.

We often believe that we and everyone around us 

is invincible – and that we have loads of time. 

But we are NOT invincible

 Our loved ones, or ourselves, could be gone in an instant…..


Will we make the most of the time we have TODAY?