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Change of life.


Treasures In The Garden

     Change the way we look at things and things we look at CHANGE ……


Don’t our mix bad words

with our bad mood.

We have many

 opportunities to change a

mood, but …….we never get

the opportunity to replace

the words we have spoken in anger.


I am sorry if you have ever been the victim of my bad moods and anger.

I wish could change what I’ve done, but i can’t take it back.

I can only ask that you accept me for who I am now.

I choose to live each day with joy in my heart.

My word for today is “SORRY!” 


Alert to living

 Treasures In The Garden

Be surrounded by what we want in our lives…….



Use kind words.

Have a gratitude attitude.

Build up another’s self worth

Polish our own.

Be an encourager.








A Cup of Happiness

 Treasures In The Garden

Add a little magic to each day:





Say kind words

Offer gratitude

Make Love

Add a little happiness to somebody’s life,
And add happiness to your own life
As a consequence.

My word for today is : “MAGIC!”
I will spend each day with my  heart filled with magic and love.

Keep Life Moving…….

Treasures In The Garden


Moving in a positive direction:


Remember that you own your words!

Which of your words will you be today?


I am going to add PEACEFUL to my POSITIVE from the other day.

…….and saying that “I am extraordinary!”  each time

 I look at myself in the mirror


                                                                                               Robin Moore

Be the change you want to see in the world

Treasures In The Garden

Let today be the day you find good in all whom you meet…….


Be the one to bring humanity to the world.

Be the one who reaches out to touch 

another person’s heart with your kindness.

Be the one who reaches out to touch 

another person’s mind with your words.

Be the one who who reaches out and touches

 another person’s life with your your Love!

                                                                       Jeff Mullan


…….and respect the journey they are travelling.

From Thought To Destiny


Treasures In The Garden

Are you keeping a watch?


Keep a watch on your thinking

for thoughts may turn into words


Keep a watch on your words.

 Words can turn into actions.


Keep a watch on your actions.

Actions can easily become habits.


Keep a watch on your habits.

For habits may form your character.


And keep a watch on your character

for that will soon become your destiny.