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Creating Memories

Treasures In The Garden

We create memories when……. 

…….with each passing minute we share with others as we live!


A matter of remembering

           Treasures In The Garden

    Reminding ourselves…….

Everyday when we wake up

We need to remember we have been given

Only one life to

 Create all that we need

 Have all our needs granted

And become anything that we want to

And ……. contribute as much as we like.

                                                                   Jeff Moore


….… to contribute to life in order to receive back our chosen rewards.

  My word for today is “Rewards”!  

Getting Creative

Treasures In The Garden


Every moment in our lives…….


Creativity is a gift we have.

 Create many wonderful moments.

 Our life is our own work of art….

Moment by precious moment.

                                  Soul writings

……. is an opportunity to create something truly amazing for ourselves.


My word for today is “Creative!” 

Keeping Busy

Treasures In The Garden


To Do List…….



Move purposely



Encourage others

Take chances

Live in the moment


 Be kind

Fill your body with fuel

 Choose happy


 Challenge yourself


be you

                   The Happsters

……. and fill your life with possibilities and empowerment!


My word for today is “Empowerment”!

You Choose

Treasures In The Garden


Everything you go through ……. grows you!

When we make a choice to LOVE

Forgive, be joyful, and at peace,

 We create a perfect setting 

for our mind, body, and emotions

 To heal.

 We are all in this together!



Let us help each other.

                             Soul Writings


Love is the bridge between YOU and EVERYTHING!

My word for today “Choice!”

Creating a life

Treasures In The Garden


A work of art……..


is a gift that is part of all of us.

So we have the ability to create abundant wonderful moments.

 Our life is like a work of art

Which we can create, moment by precious moment.

                                                                                                               Soul Writings


Are we able to reach within and begin these magical,exciting creations?