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Treasures In The Garden


What stirs my heart with joy and gratitude?

In the busyness of each day I pause and reflect.……

…..and ask for mindfulness

that raises my awareness

to feel the touch of God,

to hear the whisper of God 

and to see the beauty of God

 in all events that happen each day.

I look back on each day and ask myself where was the touch of God for me this day?

 And I sit with these images, and breathe, and quietly say a simple prayer of thanks for the things that were good this day.


Let there be peace on earth

                               With love from my garden

        From My Garden

There has always been a longing within myself

 that is only satified when I am embraced and

 wrapped in the love of my Creator.

Each day when I make my daily prayer

I ask that each of my friends and all of my family

be wrapped in the loving embrace of God.

I ask him to wrap each person in the world in his love,

to make the world a better place for all of us to live in,

help the leaders of the world to make to right decisions

for the benefit of all of us,

and let their be world peace.

Please join me in my daily prayer.

Maybe if all our prayers are joined

together we can make a difference

for the suffering peoples of the world. Thank you. C 

In all things beautiful

             From My Garden


A Rose for love

Faith does not only believe that God can, but that God will

And…. faith without works is dead.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I still have 100% of my life left to live.

I can’t imagine life without God in it.

I find God….

in the birth of a baby

in a child’s smile

in the love of a Mother for her children

in the sincere love between husband and wife

in a beautiful sunrise or sunset

in the greeting from my dog/ cat when I come home from somewhere.

in a beautiful rose

in a sunshower

in the goodness and kindness within people…….

in the innocent eyes of my grandchildren

God is everywhere if I take the time to look.

Take time to look at all things beautiful and maybe you too will find God there. ….. and share your find. C.

Circling On and On

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Ripple Effect

Welcome to my front door.

             From My Garden

Happenings in life are like a series of chain reactions
– just like when I throw a stone into the water and the
ripples circle out. Each event has an effect on the the
 next one down the line. I may remember the end result,
but not all the small choices I made each day that either
 got me closer to my goal or took me farther away.
Well, life is back to the mundane again – washing and ironing and cleaning and cooking dinner. I have done none of these in the last 5 weeks, not even making my bed.
And yet the mundane is important. This brings me back to earth and grounds me into who  I really am. Iam not the served but the server. There is no pleasure or achievement in being served and having no accomplishment other than having a good time. However, there is a accomplishment in having a clean house in making a pleasant, tasty meal, in being able to make someone happy, in being a human being with purpose a and worth.
And my memories are still there from my wonderful holiday, sharing my experience with my work colleagues and listening to their aspirations and dreams for their coming journeys or journeys they have already travelled on. Yes, I am back at work already. I didn’t know how much I missed the company of my younger work mates or the babble of small children asking me where I had been. Even they were interested in the story of being on the plane and the boat.
 I am glad to be back to the mundane. There’s excitement and fun even in that too. That is who I am.
Hoping all your dreams come true and I can be a part of your sharing of the fulfillment of your dreams and journeys as well . C.





Still Living the Dream

From My Travels

Putting others needs before my own

 will be the surest way to personal happiness.


Our travel companions – on the last day of our trip in the Uk

We are at left. Our bus driver at front and tour director in red skirt

near us. This was taken at Bath in England. The next day we were in

Amsterdam. We took the rain with us to there as well.

 Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
 I still have100% of  the rest of my life to live.

 The journey home was very long. We left the cruise ship at Budapest

 on Sunday at 10am. We had a 7hr wait till our plane flew out to Munich.

 We had a 5hr wait at Munich until we flew out to Dabai. Slept on the

 plane. Had another wait at Dubai and then an all night flight to Brisbane.

 We arrived in Brisbane at 6.25am on Monday morning. We lost 8hrs on the backward flight.We brought the rain home too.. We arrived home about midday, showered, ate lunch and slept and slept, and washed. We are still washing and because of the rain we are drying in the clothes dryer. Well, the trip might be over, but the dream is still there…. and the memories,people, places, the experiences. It is so incredible. I don’t think I will ever come down out of the clouds. Although I should…. washing dishes and washing and drying clothes, and making the bed, and cleaning house should quickly bring me down to earth, don’t you think!

I enjoyed sharing my dream and excitement with you. If I never get to do that again it won’tmatter because that one was so big it will last for the rest of my life. Hope your dreams come true for you too…..

 And the sun has just decided to rise. C

Another new day in my travels

From My travels

Today is the first day of the rest of my life 

I have 100% of the rest of my life to live.

This is a picture of Stonehenge- the place I most wanted to see on my trip to G. Britain. It was very exciting to see this. It was very busy and quite wet. We had a little luck here. A guide took us out of the line we were in, waiting to go to the ruins to another line thinking we would get in quicker. We found a person purchasing tickets for a tour. So the guide gave us free entry because he inconvenienced us. I didn’t mind being inconvenienced to the tune of 20 GB pounds (that’s $40AUD).

The Keep
Blarney Castle- the stone is where



the square arch is at the very top


Me at the top of the castle
Blarney house

The day before, I saw the other place I most wanted to visit Blarney Castle. I was going to kiss the Blarney Stone. I climbed many, many rickety stone stairs right to the top of the castle. I got right to the stone and saw what had to be done and I freaked out. So no blarney stone for me. But I think I had already been gifted with the gab.

 As you can see, I thought this was a really great place.

We flew over to Amsterdam yesterday morning.- up at 3am. We were met at the airport and were driven to our meeting place- the only 2 passengers in a very enormous bus. It was pouring rain and was like that for most of the afternoon. We went out for lunch .Almost went into a coffee shop but the menu didn’t show anything we wanted so we went to Burger King and had a chilli chicken wrap and water. Today on our canal tour we found out that a coffee shop is the place where people buy soft drugs and Koffee Huis is where people drink coffee

We visited a working windmill and saw limestone being ground into chalk.

We also saw cheese being made and tasted some yummy cheeses and scrumptious mustards.

We went to the Klumpen Huis and saw wooden clogs being made.

The Mille


“The Kat” working windmill
At the cheese making place
The man making the Clogs

We saw all these things at Zaanse Schan

The most favourite place I  have been at so far has been when we had dinner at Cardiff Castle.in Wales. We had dinner and a show. The food was superb. The singing of the waiter, waitresses and compere were out of this world. The lady who played the harp and the keyboard was the champion harp player of Wales. She had won at all the Welsh eisteddfords. We looked over 3 rooms of the castle. Two had been decorated in the 18th century- a gentleman’s room where men retired to smoke and the ladies room. And the other one was in it’s original state from 1492 that was the private residence of the Marquis of Bute

Cardiff Castle

This was taken as we

 arrived at the Castle

Ornate decoration in the gentlemen’s room

Men used to smoke in here

Ornate decoration in the ladies r
Original bookcases in the Marqius’ living area
2 ladies in Welsh traditional Dress. These were 2 ladies who entertained us and served our food
At dinner in the castle

These were our entertainers and servers.They had voices like angels

This has been the most exhilarating experience of my life. I have learned so much. I have fulfilled a number of dreams. It is just proves we are never to old too learn new things. It is great to learn new things. Thank you for letting me share my excitement with you. The world is a wonderful place.May the peace of God be with you all . C