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What Life is About




Treasures In The Garden

We can make our life a wonderous way of being.……

The best things in life are

The people we love, and

and places where we have been, and the

Memories we have made for ourselves

Along the way we have travelled.

…….if we but look for the real treasures that are ours for the taking.

I choose to live my life in joyfulness!

My word for today is “LIVE!”


People Power


Treasures In The Garden


Starting off from little things..…..


          small actions                                                                           Big

        X                                      Add up to               CHANGE    

        Lots of people

                                                                                                                                           Power Blog

……… and lots of support, can often mean a growth, into something big!

                                               My word for today is “GROWING!”

Touching Lives


Treasures In The Garden


Finding the goodness in all people we meet in our daily living…….


We don’t

meet people 

just by accident

They are meant to 

touch our lives

for some specific reason.


may be a challenge that can add dimension to our own lives.

My word for today is “CHALLENGE!”

Take time to frolic in the rain…….

Treasures In The Garden


Making precious memories…….

Sometimes circumstances or people

 can take away our material belongings;

they can take away our finances;

and they can take away our good health……

 But…. NO ONE can take away our precious memories!


to make time,

 to take opportunities

 to make memories EVERYDAY….

Please take the time to “run and frolic in the rain.”

                                                                       Morning Story with Dilbert

About Friendship

Treasures In The Garden

How can we tell who is our friend?

The people we love

don’t have to be exactly like us.

Life is too short for drama

and petty stuff.


kiss slowly

laugh insanely,

 love truly,

forgive quickly,


pray often

Friendship isn’t about

whom you have known the longest

It’s about those who came and stayed

 and never left your side and heart.