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Evolving Journey


Treasures In The Garden


        The secret of being content is a realisation that life is a gift...

not a given right.

Never forget that the journey through life

is forever evolving. The ups and downs

we experience will be many. Things won’t

always go the way we want them to.

Life never gives us more than we have

 the ability to manage. Never let a stumble

 along the way put an end to our journey.

If we are not challenged…. then we won’t GROW!

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in An Unlikely Genius

My word for today is “JOURNEY!”

I WILL live with JOY in my life!



Following on….

               We found this plaque in Amsterdam when we visited

Treasures In The Garden

Tending life’s garden with kindness and LOVE…….


Every single day of our lives

We step out into the garden of this world .

Every single day we plant seeds

that can grow into something wonderful.

We may never see the growth that comes from 

the kind words and loving deeds we share….

but God does.

I hope then that you always tend the garden

around yourself with care.

I hope that you plant only goodness and peace and compassion

in the lives of everyone you meet.

I everyday you help miracles grow!

                                                                               Joe Mazella

……. Helps miracles grow in the lives of those we meet!


My word for today is “MIRACLES!”

People Power


Treasures In The Garden


Starting off from little things..…..


          small actions                                                                           Big

        X                                      Add up to               CHANGE    

        Lots of people

                                                                                                                                           Power Blog

……… and lots of support, can often mean a growth, into something big!

                                               My word for today is “GROWING!”

Direction……. every which way!


Treasures In The Garden


If we make kindness a part of every day living…….


A single act of


throws out

roots in all


 and those roots


up and make

new growth.

                     Amelia Earhart


……….we will probably never know in which directions our kindness will be projected!


My word for today is “DIRECTION!”