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Evolving Journey


Treasures In The Garden


        The secret of being content is a realisation that life is a gift...

not a given right.

Never forget that the journey through life

is forever evolving. The ups and downs

we experience will be many. Things won’t

always go the way we want them to.

Life never gives us more than we have

 the ability to manage. Never let a stumble

 along the way put an end to our journey.

If we are not challenged…. then we won’t GROW!

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in An Unlikely Genius

My word for today is “JOURNEY!”

I WILL live with JOY in my life!



Making a Choice

Treasures In The Garden

May each day of our life be filled with…….


ability to move

forward, knowing the

future will be better

than the past.

Today…. I choose to 

 be HAPPY.

        Women Working. com

….contentment, happiness, and most of all LOVE!

My word for today is “FORWARD!”

Looking past our faults

Treasures In The Garden

Find Beauty and goodness…..


We need to water and fertilise the goodness within ourselves,

 just as we would water and fetilise the plants in our garden.

  We sometimes neglect to nurture the good inside us,

 and eventually that goodness could die.

 We need to realise the potential we have inside us.

One of the greatest gifts bestowed on us is

 the ability to reach past our faults and find

 that we have been gifted with beauty and goodness.

                                         Morning Story with Dilbert

The goodness is God living in our soul 

and the beauty is ourselves responding.

So let us look after ourselves and release our potential!

Creating a life

Treasures In The Garden


A work of art……..


is a gift that is part of all of us.

So we have the ability to create abundant wonderful moments.

 Our life is like a work of art

Which we can create, moment by precious moment.

                                                                                                               Soul Writings


Are we able to reach within and begin these magical,exciting creations?