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Evolving Journey


Treasures In The Garden


        The secret of being content is a realisation that life is a gift...

not a given right.

Never forget that the journey through life

is forever evolving. The ups and downs

we experience will be many. Things won’t

always go the way we want them to.

Life never gives us more than we have

 the ability to manage. Never let a stumble

 along the way put an end to our journey.

If we are not challenged…. then we won’t GROW!

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My word for today is “JOURNEY!”

I WILL live with JOY in my life!



A Special Day

Treasures In The Garden


Every day is a special occasion…….

We should not save anything for a special occasion:

Everyday we wake up is a special occasion.

There are things that we have not yet seen.

There are things we have seen and done

and not yet realized they were special.

Savour, not endure. Try to recognize the special moments and cherish them.

We must not take tomorrow for granted ….

see old friends we haven’t seen in ages

Call family,

 Apologize, mend fences,

Write that special letter, 

Tell our family and partner that we LOVE them

.add laughter and lustre to our lives

when we open our eyes and realize “today is SPECIAL!”

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second is a gift!

Anne Wells (New York Times)

That’s what makes every day so SPECIAL!

……. because we are ALIVE!


My word for today is “SPECIAL!”



Treasures In The Garden



If you ask me

how long I will be your friend:

my answer will be, ” I don’t know.” 

Because I ‘don’t know’ which is longer


                                       Words to inspire the Soul


……. makes one realise that friendship is God’s most precious gift!


My word for today is “FRIEND”!

Sharing the caring


Treasures In The Garden

Don’t keep the goodies to ourselves…….


Don’t keep thankfulness to ourselves.

 Let the people close to us in our lives

know how we feel about them, OFTEN.

Sometimes the very best gift we can offer them 

is our love and positive energy.

                                                                   Everyday Power Blog


…….let’s go out to share and give

 My word today is “Thankfulness”!

The Gift

Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore

Journey‘s End…


I once set sail
for a distant horizon
and I found myself adrift
in a vast blue sea.
I kept my vision primed
on what lay ahead of me.
No matter what I had,
I knew there must be
something more,
way off in the distance
on a faraway shore.
I didn’t see the beauty
of the stars on high.
I was oblivious of the rainbows
after the clouds passed by.
It took me such a while
to finally comprehend,
that the gift was the journey
not what I would find at the end.

Passionup Fun Page

Wow! What a gift.

  I was looking too far ahead!

Creating a life

Treasures In The Garden


A work of art……..


is a gift that is part of all of us.

So we have the ability to create abundant wonderful moments.

 Our life is like a work of art

Which we can create, moment by precious moment.

                                                                                                               Soul Writings


Are we able to reach within and begin these magical,exciting creations?