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Focus on Powerful Vibes

Treasures In The Garden

Our mind is a powerful thing.

When we fill it with powerful thoughts

our Life will begin to change…..

I will no longer allow negative

thoughts or feelings to drain me

of my energy. Instead I will only

focus on all that is good in my life.

I will think it, feel it, speak it….

by doing this I will send out vibes

of positive energy into the world,

and I will be grateful for all the

 wonderful things that it will bring

                  into my life.                 

                                                               Astrology Answers

My word for today is:”ENERGY!”

I choose to live each day with a heart filled with joy.


Following on….

               We found this plaque in Amsterdam when we visited

Treasures In The Garden

Tending life’s garden with kindness and LOVE…….


Every single day of our lives

We step out into the garden of this world .

Every single day we plant seeds

that can grow into something wonderful.

We may never see the growth that comes from 

the kind words and loving deeds we share….

but God does.

I hope then that you always tend the garden

around yourself with care.

I hope that you plant only goodness and peace and compassion

in the lives of everyone you meet.

I everyday you help miracles grow!

                                                                               Joe Mazella

……. Helps miracles grow in the lives of those we meet!


My word for today is “MIRACLES!”

Christmas Courage

Treasures In The Garden


Wouldn’t it be wonderful…….


Those we love don’t have to

 be exactly like ourselves.

Life is too short for drama 

and petty stuff.


kiss s-l-o-w-l-y,

laugh insanely,

LOVE truly,

forgive quickly,

and pray often!


Friendship isn’t about whom

 we’ve known the l  o  n  g  e  s  t.

 It’s about those who came

and never left our heart.


……. if we could remember good stuff, every minute of every day!


My word for today is “Friendship”! 

Getting Creative

Treasures In The Garden


Every moment in our lives…….


Creativity is a gift we have.

 Create many wonderful moments.

 Our life is our own work of art….

Moment by precious moment.

                                  Soul writings

……. is an opportunity to create something truly amazing for ourselves.


My word for today is “Creative!” 

The best day ever

Treasures In The Garden


Believe in yourself…….

Believe within your heart

That something wonderful

is about to happen for you.

Believe in the power you have within you.

Believe in your own potential.

Believe in your own special goodness.

 Wake each morning feeling at peace.

 Greet each new morning

in awe of being alive.


……. Wake to each morning  with gratitude

My word for today is “Believe!”

Making the story of our life

Treasures In The Garden


Fashioning our lives into something worthwhile and wonderful

I am hoping we can all go out into our world

 and let stories happen to us.

And when that is done that we will water and nurture them

with our blood, sweat, laughter, tears and love, till they bloom.……

till we, ourselves burst into bloom.

                                                                                                         Soul Writings

God and Nature fashioned us to what we are,

 and then through our own creative genius

we have fashioned ourselves to what we want to be!

                                                                                    Marcus Garvey

Let the creativity begin……...

Creating a life

Treasures In The Garden


A work of art……..


is a gift that is part of all of us.

So we have the ability to create abundant wonderful moments.

 Our life is like a work of art

Which we can create, moment by precious moment.

                                                                                                               Soul Writings


Are we able to reach within and begin these magical,exciting creations?