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Making an observation


Treasures In The Garden

Looking and seeing……….

As we make our daily journey

 we need to see that

it is not happiness

 that makes us grateful

it is having gratitude

 That gives us happiness


……. may take us to a different space on our life’s journey.


My word for today is “Seeing!”


The Gift

Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore

Journey‘s End…


I once set sail
for a distant horizon
and I found myself adrift
in a vast blue sea.
I kept my vision primed
on what lay ahead of me.
No matter what I had,
I knew there must be
something more,
way off in the distance
on a faraway shore.
I didn’t see the beauty
of the stars on high.
I was oblivious of the rainbows
after the clouds passed by.
It took me such a while
to finally comprehend,
that the gift was the journey
not what I would find at the end.

Passionup Fun Page

Wow! What a gift.

  I was looking too far ahead!

We are important…

Treasures In The Garden


We are all important.


I look for the good in everyone I meet.

 I respect everyone I encounter.

I have stopped passing negative judgments.

I respect each person’s life journey,

and I respect my own life journey.

God has placed us all here on earth for a specific reason.

 We are people of value!

Finding Potential

Treasures In The Garden


Do we recognize our own potential?


The things that impress us  in other people

may also be a gift within ourselves

that we have not yet discovered,or recognized,

within ourselves.

Let’s start looking for, and developing, our own gifts to share with others.