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Transforming the Day

Treasures In The Garden


Just a few minutes each day…….


I choose.

to live by CHOICE,

not by chance;

to make changes,



not manipulated;

 to be useful, not USED;

to excel, not compete.

I choose….

Self Esteem,

not self pity;

I choose….

to LISTEN to my inner voice,

not the random OPINIONS of others.

                                              The Stencilsmith

…….making the right choices, can transform my day.


My word for today is “TRANSFORM!”  


Never Give Up

Treasures In The Garden

A positive mind plus positive thinking …….


Have courage and a belief in yourself,

Maintain a positive outlook, 

Encourage others to be positive too.

Don’t get caught up in negatives– 

Stick to the positive,

 Listen to others to find ways to be be positive,

Always look for ways to improve,

Focus on the here and now,

 Don’t dwell on past mistakes,

Don’t get distracted from moving forward,

Inspire others to believe in themselves.

Always do your best,

 Never give up!

Sarah Wall- professional basketballer

Australian Catholics magazine 

…….adds up to a positive outcome!


My word for today is”STICKABILITY!”

Making Connections

Treasures In The Garden


When difficulties arise in my life…….


An approach to keeping relationships on an even keel:


Talk things through,

try gentle persuasion,

Aim for reconciliation,

Try not to use accusation

……. I try hard to foster unity, acceptance, harmony and love.

 And if all else fails I pray.


My word for today is “HARMONY!”

Inner Winner

Treasures In The Garden


Happiness doesn’t come from outer circumstances but from inner assurance….

To be an inner winner I need to:

Count my blessings,

 Practice kindness,

Use my time wisely,

Listen to my heart,

Do my very best,

Let go the rest,


Go with the flow.


……. it comes from within!


My word for today is “HAPPINESS!”

Heart Strings


Treasures In The Garden

Your heart is where you’ll find…….


LISTEN… to your heart!

 It harbours sacred things.

GIVE… from your heart!

 What abundance it brings.

PRAY… through your heart!

For the guidance in need.

FOLLOW,,, your heart!

 It knows how and where to lead.

                                   Paul Mark Sutherland

……. all the reasoning, and inspiration to have a wonderful life.

My word for today is “HEART!”

Dance with Life

Treasures In The Garden


Listen to the music……


As we move through the ” dance of life”

 we need to listen to the music that is played:

let our spirits move to the tempo

and make every step a step of joy and delight,

 and let every rhythmic step be a step that counts.

 Step up to the dance with life!