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Kindness and Generosity


Treasures In The Garden

     I dedicate this to my “big girls” Rebecca and Nicole 

You share the kindness that is in your soul.

Even the smallest acts of generosity that you display

bring great joy not only to yourself

but to others as well.

Thank you………

 Kindness and generosity come so easy to these 2 very “giving” Ladies.

My word for today is “GENEROSITY.


What Are You Dreaming?


Treasures In The Garden

Follow that dream……..

Life is an adventure

filled with dreams.

Live your adventures.

Live your dreams.

Share the music of

your soul. Follow your

 heart,wherever it takes you.

……. wherever that dream may lead you !

My word for today is “DREAM!”


Making the most out of living

Treasures In The Garden


Life is not about finding oneself. It’s about creating oneself.


Four things we can’t recover:


The stone after it has been thrown.

The word after it’s been said.

The occasion after it has been missed.  

The time after it has gone.


And how about:

Laughter is the fireworks of the soul.

All good stuff to ponder upon.


My word for today is “CREATING!”

Following along…….

Treasures In The Garden

Another to do list for today…….


Think positively


Live simply

Hug tightly

Give generously

Laugh loudly

Smile brightly

Love unconditionally

Speak kindly

Dream nightly.

                    Soul Writings


…….to keep on track of nurturing the soul.


My word for today is “nurturin

Freedom from within

Treasures In The Garden


The importance of Laughter……..


LAUGHTER is the melody,

Like a concert from within ones heart

a  tiny tickling from the angels

a really creative piece of art.


LAUGHTER is a healer,

 and a comfort to us too-

sometimes it gentles us,

and sometimes it’s very Bold.


LAUGHTER is a freedom dance,

performed from within our soul!

                                              Soul Writings

……..to lighten up our hearts.

Today’s word  for me is “Freedom”.

Reaching in to the Heavens


Treasures In The Garden

From Singapore

Reaching for the stars….


   Reach high

  for stars

      hidden in your soul…

        Dream deep…..

 for every dream

  precedes the goal.

           Pamela Vaill Starr


……..means we are on our way to a successful future!