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The Best Gifts to Give

Treasures In The Garden

Life has many treasures but a gift of ourselves is the best treasure of all.

Very often we will find that


the gifts which are the

most appreciated, and mean


the most are gifts of our time


and our love.

I will spend each day with a a heart full of joy and love.

My word for today is “GIFTS!”

Time and love are our life and cannot be bought- the most precious gifts to receive.


Zest for LOVE and Sharing

Treasures In The Garden

With Love

Allow yourself a little time to let Love come your way

Believe that life’s a miracle – you have your part to play

Celebrate each morning – give thanks for this new day

Do little things with BIG Love – this is the joyful way

Eat good food with gratefulness, for earth and rain and sun

Feed your friends with tenderness, encouragement and fun

Give up resentments, grudges, pain – let go of ALL that stuff

Heal your heart with happinessLove really is enough

Invite a friend to walk with you, to journey somewhere new

Just take each other by the hand – decide Love is for you

Kindness is the answer, the best path you can choose

Love with all your heart and soul, you’ve only fear to lose

Melt all hardness, soften edges, let yourself just be

Now, this very moment – Love can set you free

Open up the closed doors – let your judgments go

 Question your assumptions – then throw them all away

Peace of mind comes gently when Love is all you now

Realise the truth in this – Love IS the only way

Stop worrying – start living explore those unknown lands

Take time to laugh today – life’s gifts are in your hands

Understand the message – there is only Love and fear

View your life with kindness – let struggle disappear

Weave a little magicLove is the golden thread

eXeeding joy and happiness can be your daily bread

Yes, it is simple, choose Love and take a chance

Zest for LOVE and sharing will lead us in Life’s dance

A gift for Every day

Treasures In The Garden

Each day is a gift…….

 and as long as my eyes are open

I’ll focus on this new day,

and all the happy memories

That I have kept stored away

……. and happiness will always be mine.

My word for today is ” GIFTS”

Seeking only the best

Treasures In The Garden


We need to look past…….


One of the greatest gifts 

That we can personally possess

is to be able to look beyond 

another person’s “thorns

and find the “rosewithin


…….the faults and find the goodness.


My word today is “gifts.”

Get serious about living

Treasures In The Garden

Throw your old assumptions into the wind…….


Question all your assumptions-

 then throw them all away

Realise there’s truth in this-

Love IS the only way!”

…….and indulge in the gift of Love- 

Love of self and Love of others!

Looking past our faults

Treasures In The Garden

Find Beauty and goodness…..


We need to water and fertilise the goodness within ourselves,

 just as we would water and fetilise the plants in our garden.

  We sometimes neglect to nurture the good inside us,

 and eventually that goodness could die.

 We need to realise the potential we have inside us.

One of the greatest gifts bestowed on us is

 the ability to reach past our faults and find

 that we have been gifted with beauty and goodness.

                                         Morning Story with Dilbert

The goodness is God living in our soul 

and the beauty is ourselves responding.

So let us look after ourselves and release our potential!

Finding Potential

Treasures In The Garden


Do we recognize our own potential?


The things that impress us  in other people

may also be a gift within ourselves

that we have not yet discovered,or recognized,

within ourselves.

Let’s start looking for, and developing, our own gifts to share with others.