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At The End

Treasures In The Garden

At life’s end:

What is really important

Is NOT what we BOUGHT

But what we BUILT!

Not what we GOT

But what we SHARED!



And not our SUCCESS


                            Sun Gazing

We occupied a special place

  in the scheme of things.

Every end is a new beginning:

My word for today is “SIGNIFICANCE!”

I choose to live every day with JOY in my heart.


An Optimistic View

Treasures In The Garden

Let there be peace on earth…

and let it begin with me.

How different life would be

if we stopped making negative

judgmental  assumptions about

people that we meet on life’s pathway.

Let us begin today looking 

for the good in everyone 

who touches our life,

and respect the journey

that they too are making upon this earth.

                                               Steve Maraboli (American Inspirational Author)

My word for today is “RESPECT!

I choose to live my life with my heart filled with joy.

Beginning a new life

            Glengallon Homestead

Treasures In The Garden


This day is the first day…….


We don’t want to start our new day

with the broken pieces of yesterday.

Every day is a new beginning.

Every morning we wake up 

to the first day 

of the rest of our life – our NEW life!

                                                       Touching Lives

                                                     Via P Young 

…….of the rest of our life! We are in charge of our own attitude.


My word for today is “BEGINNING!” 

Right Here! Right Now!

Treasures In The Garden


Where we are right now is the time to change……..



the world

starts with

the very personal

process of changing ourselves.

The only place

we can make this start is

where we are.

And the only time 

we can begin to change

is RIGHT now!

                                 Everyday Power Blog

..…..because we will never be at this place in time, again!

My word for today is “IMMEDIATELY!

I must have liked this blog a lot

This my second time posting it. Ho! Hum!

Beginning AGAIN…….

Treasures In The Garden


Don’t be scared when things go wrong…..


If one of your


Falls apart

and breaks into

 a thousand little pieces,

 Do not be afraid.

 Pick up one of those little pieces


Soul Writings


…….pick up a thread and just move on to a better place!


My word for today is “DREAMS!”

A thought for the day


Treasures In The Garden

Beginning each new day with happy and inspiring thoughts………..


When we wake each day

think of what a privilege

it is to be alive,

to take a breath,

to think and be mindful,

to enjoy living,

to LOVE…….

and be Loved!


……..can only lead to positive outcomes!


My word for today is “LOVE!”

Still on the journey

Treasures In The Garden


Beginning a new chapter …….


Today I will close the door on my past life,and..

 I will open another entrance to let  in a new life.

I breathe in a very deep breath of fresh air,

I step through that portal and..

 begin a new chapter in life’s exciting journey!

                                                                             Soul Writings

…….in the journey called ” LIFE”! 

Today’s word is enthusiasm.

 We are each a unique being!