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The Best Gifts to Give

Treasures In The Garden

Life has many treasures but a gift of ourselves is the best treasure of all.

Very often we will find that


the gifts which are the

most appreciated, and mean


the most are gifts of our time


and our love.

I will spend each day with a a heart full of joy and love.

My word for today is “GIFTS!”

Time and love are our life and cannot be bought- the most precious gifts to receive.




Treasures In The Garden



If you ask me

how long I will be your friend:

my answer will be, ” I don’t know.” 

Because I ‘don’t know’ which is longer


                                       Words to inspire the Soul


……. makes one realise that friendship is God’s most precious gift!


My word for today is “FRIEND”!

Getting Creative

Treasures In The Garden


Every moment in our lives…….


Creativity is a gift we have.

 Create many wonderful moments.

 Our life is our own work of art….

Moment by precious moment.

                                  Soul writings

……. is an opportunity to create something truly amazing for ourselves.


My word for today is “Creative!” 

Take time to frolic in the rain…….

Treasures In The Garden


Making precious memories…….

Sometimes circumstances or people

 can take away our material belongings;

they can take away our finances;

and they can take away our good health……

 But…. NO ONE can take away our precious memories!


to make time,

 to take opportunities

 to make memories EVERYDAY….

Please take the time to “run and frolic in the rain.”

                                                                       Morning Story with Dilbert

Creating a life

Treasures In The Garden


A work of art……..


is a gift that is part of all of us.

So we have the ability to create abundant wonderful moments.

 Our life is like a work of art

Which we can create, moment by precious moment.

                                                                                                               Soul Writings


Are we able to reach within and begin these magical,exciting creations?