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Focus on Powerful Vibes

Treasures In The Garden

Our mind is a powerful thing.

When we fill it with powerful thoughts

our Life will begin to change…..

I will no longer allow negative

thoughts or feelings to drain me

of my energy. Instead I will only

focus on all that is good in my life.

I will think it, feel it, speak it….

by doing this I will send out vibes

of positive energy into the world,

and I will be grateful for all the

 wonderful things that it will bring

                  into my life.                 

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My word for today is:”ENERGY!”

I choose to live each day with a heart filled with joy.


Good Thinking, Jock!

    Treasures In The Garden


   Our thinking can either make us feel good…….


We are what we think.

All that we are arises 

with our thoughts.

With our thoughts,

we make the world.



…….or it can make us feel bad. 


I will do my best to choose thoughts that make me feel as good as possible!



My word for today is “THINKING!”