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Alert to living

 Treasures In The Garden

Be surrounded by what we want in our lives…….



Use kind words.

Have a gratitude attitude.

Build up another’s self worth

Polish our own.

Be an encourager.









Beginning a new life

            Glengallon Homestead

Treasures In The Garden


This day is the first day…….


We don’t want to start our new day

with the broken pieces of yesterday.

Every day is a new beginning.

Every morning we wake up 

to the first day 

of the rest of our life – our NEW life!

                                                       Touching Lives

                                                     Via P Young 

…….of the rest of our life! We are in charge of our own attitude.


My word for today is “BEGINNING!” 

Attitude Matters

Treasures In The Garden


I have found that being positive…….


 Having a positive attitude

May not solve every problem

that arises in my life,

but it makes solving any problem

a much more pleasant experience.


……. helps in all areas and walks of my life!


My word for today is “ATTITUDE!

The gratitude of happiness



Treasures In The Garden


Having an attitude of gratitude……..


As we follow our daily journey

we need to recognise that

it is not happiness that

makes us be grateful.

 It is gratitude……

 that makes us feel happy.

                Brother David Steindl Rast

  …….leads us to benefits beyond belief!


My word for today is “Recognise!”

A joy to behold

Treasures In The Garden


Attitude of gratitude…….


If we look at what we

 have not got in life……..

we don’t have anything.


If we look at what we

do have in life …….

We have everything.


…….joy is the key


My word for today is “Joy”!