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Life Plans

Treasures In The Garden

What we plan for our day ahead may never occur…….

Those who died yesterday

had planned for today.

And those who have died 

today had plans

for tonight.

We must not take our life for granted.

In the blink of an eye

everything can change.

So we need to forgive often

and love with all our heart.

We may never know

when we may not have

the chance to forgive again.

                        Fb/hugs and kisses.

……. we wont always know when our time will be up!

My word for today is “FORGIVE!”

I plan  to live each day with my heart filled with joy.


You Choose

Treasures In The Garden


 It’s important to have a choice…….

In order to do that we must

first…. make the CHOICE,

to take that CHANCE,

If we want things in our 

life to CHANGE.

 …….so we are able to take a chance at change!

My word for today is “CHANCE!”