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Choose to Forgive

Treasures In The Garden

Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves…….(Tony Robbins)

When we make the decision to forgive others,

it isn’t done for their benefit,

But for the benefit of our own self.

The other person has to live with whatever

it is that they have done,

but we deserve to move on and

 so give ourselves peace within our heart.


I choose to live with JOY in my heart!

My word for today is “CHOOSE!”


A Conscious Decision

Treasures In The Garden


Making a conscious decision to forgive in the present…….


When we decide to forgive

we can’t change the past.

 However,it will make really big

changes to our future.


…….will so improve how we live in later years.

  My word for today is “FORGIVENESS!”

A loud and clear message

Treasures In The Garden


It really is the same old message…….


Understand this message-

there is only Love and fear

 View your life with kindness

let struggles disappear.

…….the one that makes the world go round…….

“Love one another

Love of self and share with others- 

get rid of that fear!

Decide love is for you and be set FREE!  

Take the hand of friendship

Treasures In The Garden

Love received in friendship…….

Invite a friend to walk a while with you,

to take a journey somewhere new

Just take each other by the hand

and decide that Love is right for you.

…….is a special kind of love!