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Life Plans

Treasures In The Garden

What we plan for our day ahead may never occur…….

Those who died yesterday

had planned for today.

And those who have died 

today had plans

for tonight.

We must not take our life for granted.

In the blink of an eye

everything can change.

So we need to forgive often

and love with all our heart.

We may never know

when we may not have

the chance to forgive again.

                        Fb/hugs and kisses.

……. we wont always know when our time will be up!

My word for today is “FORGIVE!”

I plan  to live each day with my heart filled with joy.


Making a Choice

Treasures In The Garden

May each day of our life be filled with…….


ability to move

forward, knowing the

future will be better

than the past.

Today…. I choose to 

 be HAPPY.

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….contentment, happiness, and most of all LOVE!

My word for today is “FORWARD!”

Sooner rather than later

Treasures In The Garden


Is it better to take the risk today…….

And a day may arrive

when the risk to remain

 tight and warm in our own little coocoon,

 will be greater than the risk 

we need to take to open our wings and FLY!


…….than to wait that little bit too long…..


My word today is “journey”

Give up waiting

Treasures In The Garden

Don’t put off till tomorrow…….


If we wait till we are ready

 we will be waiting

 for the rest of our lives.

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…….what you can do today.

My word for today is “Empowerment“!

Being ever present

Treasures In The Garden

The power of the present…..


I will try not to look back in anger…..

That was yesterday!

 I will try not to look to the future in fear……

That is tomorrow (and tomorrow never comes)!

I will look around me and be aware……

For this is todaythe here and the now!

Today is the present and is always the place where we are RIGHT NOW!

                                                                                                                                     Soul Writings

Making the most of today

Treasures In The Garden

Cherish the ones you love the most ….


You never know how long your life will be.

We often believe that we and everyone around us 

is invincible – and that we have loads of time. 

But we are NOT invincible

 Our loved ones, or ourselves, could be gone in an instant…..


Will we make the most of the time we have TODAY?

Choosing to journey the right way

Treasures In The Garden

Continuing the journey….


  There are only two days in a year

  on which nothing can be done….

One is called yesterday

and the other is called tomorrow.

TODAY is the right day to LOVE!


                                               Dalai Lama