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An Optimistic View

Treasures In The Garden

Let there be peace on earth…

and let it begin with me.

How different life would be

if we stopped making negative

judgmental  assumptions about

people that we meet on life’s pathway.

Let us begin today looking 

for the good in everyone 

who touches our life,

and respect the journey

that they too are making upon this earth.

                                               Steve Maraboli (American Inspirational Author)

My word for today is “RESPECT!

I choose to live my life with my heart filled with joy.


Our Turn Will Come

Treasures In The Garden

Words to inspire the soul……..

Respect the old when 

we are young.

Help the weak when

 we are are strong.

Confess our fault when

we are wrong.

Because one day in our life

we will be old,

and weak and wrong.


Make a choice today to show respect to each other

I choose to live with joy in my heart.

My word for today is”RESPECT!”

We are important…

Treasures In The Garden


We are all important.


I look for the good in everyone I meet.

 I respect everyone I encounter.

I have stopped passing negative judgments.

I respect each person’s life journey,

and I respect my own life journey.

God has placed us all here on earth for a specific reason.

 We are people of value!

How to Know You have Succeeded

Treasures In The Garden

How will you know you have succeed in life?


To laugh often and much;

to be respected by your peers;

when you have received the affection of children;

when you earn and are appreciated by honest critics;

when you can endure betrayal by false friends;

when you can appreciate the beauty that surrounds you;

when are able to find good in other people;

when you can leave the world a better place than when you entered it,

whether it be by a healthy child

a garden patch,,

a changed social condition;

to know that even one life has been made easier

because you have lived and trod upon this earth.

  This is to have succeeded in life.