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Focus on Powerful Vibes

Treasures In The Garden

Our mind is a powerful thing.

When we fill it with powerful thoughts

our Life will begin to change…..

I will no longer allow negative

thoughts or feelings to drain me

of my energy. Instead I will only

focus on all that is good in my life.

I will think it, feel it, speak it….

by doing this I will send out vibes

of positive energy into the world,

and I will be grateful for all the

 wonderful things that it will bring

                  into my life.                 

                                                               Astrology Answers

My word for today is:”ENERGY!”

I choose to live each day with a heart filled with joy.


An Optimistic View

Treasures In The Garden

Let there be peace on earth…

and let it begin with me.

How different life would be

if we stopped making negative

judgmental  assumptions about

people that we meet on life’s pathway.

Let us begin today looking 

for the good in everyone 

who touches our life,

and respect the journey

that they too are making upon this earth.

                                               Steve Maraboli (American Inspirational Author)

My word for today is “RESPECT!

I choose to live my life with my heart filled with joy.

Choose your Attitude

                    Goanna in our garden

Treasures In The Garden


You can’t hang out with negative people

and experience a positive day…….


Never regret knowing people in your life.

Good people bring happiness.

Bad people bring experience.

Worse people bring lessons.

Best people will always bring

experiences to commit to your memories.

                                                                  Soul Writings

….Turn negative into positive.


My word for today is “CHOICE!

Never Give Up

Treasures In The Garden

A positive mind plus positive thinking …….


Have courage and a belief in yourself,

Maintain a positive outlook, 

Encourage others to be positive too.

Don’t get caught up in negatives– 

Stick to the positive,

 Listen to others to find ways to be be positive,

Always look for ways to improve,

Focus on the here and now,

 Don’t dwell on past mistakes,

Don’t get distracted from moving forward,

Inspire others to believe in themselves.

Always do your best,

 Never give up!

Sarah Wall- professional basketballer

Australian Catholics magazine 

…….adds up to a positive outcome!


My word for today is”STICKABILITY!”

Making Memories

From my garden



Treasures In The Garden


You can never hang out with negative people

and experience a positive day……. 


Good people bring experience.

Worst people bring lessons.

 Best people always bring

experiences to commit to your memories.

                                                                 Soul Writings


…….Never regret knowing people in your life!

My word for today is “Memories!”

Are you a winner?


Treasures In The Garden


What winning means……. when it is applied at home within family life…….


If we equate success in business with rewards of riches, power and fame,

 What rewards do we receive for the investment 

of generosity, services, and humility,

turning the other cheek,

loving each other unconditionally,

loving ourselves?

Is our reward “prosperity of spirit“?

Beautiful things take place in our lives

 when we distance ourselves from all that is negative……., 


…….and only build on being positive, productive and peaceful.

From little things big things grow!