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A Cup of Happiness

 Treasures In The Garden

Add a little magic to each day:





Say kind words

Offer gratitude

Make Love

Add a little happiness to somebody’s life,
And add happiness to your own life
As a consequence.

My word for today is : “MAGIC!”
I will spend each day with my  heart filled with magic and love.


Zest for LOVE and Sharing

Treasures In The Garden

With Love

Allow yourself a little time to let Love come your way

Believe that life’s a miracle – you have your part to play

Celebrate each morning – give thanks for this new day

Do little things with BIG Love – this is the joyful way

Eat good food with gratefulness, for earth and rain and sun

Feed your friends with tenderness, encouragement and fun

Give up resentments, grudges, pain – let go of ALL that stuff

Heal your heart with happinessLove really is enough

Invite a friend to walk with you, to journey somewhere new

Just take each other by the hand – decide Love is for you

Kindness is the answer, the best path you can choose

Love with all your heart and soul, you’ve only fear to lose

Melt all hardness, soften edges, let yourself just be

Now, this very moment – Love can set you free

Open up the closed doors – let your judgments go

 Question your assumptions – then throw them all away

Peace of mind comes gently when Love is all you now

Realise the truth in this – Love IS the only way

Stop worrying – start living explore those unknown lands

Take time to laugh today – life’s gifts are in your hands

Understand the message – there is only Love and fear

View your life with kindness – let struggle disappear

Weave a little magicLove is the golden thread

eXeeding joy and happiness can be your daily bread

Yes, it is simple, choose Love and take a chance

Zest for LOVE and sharing will lead us in Life’s dance

The Magic of LOVE!

Treasures In The Garden

LOVE is not selfish.

It is understanding and kind.

 It observes with the heart

and never with the mind.

Love is the purpose 

that each person seeks – 

Love is the language 

that each person speaks.

 Love cannot be purchased

   It is without price, and perfectly free….

Love like pure magic,

is a sweet mystery.

Helen Steiner Rice

Another Magical Day

From My Travels

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of the rest of my life to live.

Today is a lovely sunny day – still not warm, but much more conducive to lifted spirits

We arrived in Dublin after a 31/2 hour journey in a really huge ferry boat.

Our first stop after leaving Wrexham in Wales was at Llangollen.

Everywhere we go it is 20p …2p. One place it was50p.

a narrow boat travelling on a canal

Here we saw colourful narrow boats that travel on the canals in many areas of the UK.. We encountered rain here again.

We visited a pretty little village with the strange name of Betswy- Co-ed

We visited shops and a very pretty park…. and this was where the sun made an appearance. Nigel bought a raincoat. So we knew this would be the time when the rain would disappear.

On the next part of our journey we encountered bike riders, high mountains. deep valleys, hikers, slate mining, and a large lake.This was the Snowdonia region of Wales. Mt. Snowdon is the highest peak.

And on to that town with the very long name with the weirdest meaning. It was very pretty also.

The town with longest name and the weird meaning

We crossed the Menai Strait to the Isle of Anglesey where Prince William flies a rescue helicopter. He and Kate have a home here. And down to the Port of Holyhead to catch our ferry to Ireland.

 Tonight we are staying at Jurys Inn which is opposite Christchurch Cathedral -Anglican denomination. We have been out to look at the Cathedral (it is massive ) and post some postcards.

Our hotel room is very nice and inviting. We will be staying here for two nights, At 9pm. the sun is still shining brightly.

What was good today?

Visiting the place with the very long name and weird meaning.

What I was grateful for.

 That our journey so far has been a safe and interesting one.

God in my life

Sunshine, nice travelling companions, getting to visit the Cathedral, the man who told us where we could post our postcards.

So we have once again had a delightful day. It is great to be able to share with you Wish you were here to share it personally.

Christchurch Cathedral

God bless. c