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Believe in Miracles

Treasures In The Garden


If only we would believe…….


Believe that’s your life is a miracle

and you have your part to play.



…….and join the game of life!


Last night I heard of a miracle that I had been praying would happen.

My sister’s daughter- in- law had been diagnosed with a tumour growing between her heart and her lung.

 It was thought it would be inoperable. The tumour was attached to the lung and was beginning to through out feelers.

 It seemed be very aggressive. So the doctors took a punt and operated anyway, and the miracle is that the tumour came away with the minor loss of part of the lung, and the doctors are confident that got the entire tumour.

 Thank you God.

Thank you St. Jude

 Thank you St. Mary McKillop!

 Life and life giving are truly miracles.