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The Power of Intent

Treasures In The Garden


 I believe in the power of intention

to change the landscape of society;

And it is my intention to live an authentic

 life of compassion,integrity and action

                                                                                        Zachary Quinto

At the end of the day…….

It takes a

 powerful intention,

a powerful choice,

to make our life 

go in a different direction to

What it is going now.

We need to believe 

that things WILL work

out. Not as we had 

planned, but how

things were meant to be.

Change the way we look at things and things we look at CHANGE.

Wayne Dyer

I choose to live my life with joy in my heart.

My word for today is “INTENTION!”


Daily Mantras

Treasures In The Garden

Just a few minutes of thinking positively…….

6  Positive Daily Mantras:

                The things that make me different

                 are,,,, the things that make ME!

     Today I will breathe deeply

and…. go slowly.

I am so grateful

    or everything that I have.

    Today I will positively 

 Impact someone’s day.


             Today I will choose HAPPINESS.


……. can transform our day – give us Spiritual POWER!

My word for today is”POSITIVE!”

Making an observation


Treasures In The Garden

Looking and seeing……….

As we make our daily journey

 we need to see that

it is not happiness

 that makes us grateful

it is having gratitude

 That gives us happiness


……. may take us to a different space on our life’s journey.


My word for today is “Seeing!”