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The Meaning of Life

Treasures In The Garden

Life is an adventure, an experience……

The adventure of life

is to serve.

The purpose of life

is to grow.

 The nature of life

is to change.

The challenge of life 

is to overcome.

The essence of life

 is to care.

The opportunity of life

is to serve.

The secret of life 

is to dare.

The spice of life

is to befriend.

The beauty of life

is to give.


……. too short…. so.. enjoy!

My word for today”EXPERIENCE!”


Cause and Affect

Treasures In The Garden


The voice that will motivate is within you…….


 Win peace

Win freedom

Control only that which you have control over-

your own thoughts

-your own actions

your own person.

……. Once you change yourself you effect a change

in that which you had no control over.

                                                                                            Sheri S. Bessi-


My word for today “MOTIVATION!”

Right Here! Right Now!

Treasures In The Garden


Where we are right now is the time to change……..



the world

starts with

the very personal

process of changing ourselves.

The only place

we can make this start is

where we are.

And the only time 

we can begin to change

is RIGHT now!

                                 Everyday Power Blog

..…..because we will never be at this place in time, again!

My word for today is “IMMEDIATELY!

I must have liked this blog a lot

This my second time posting it. Ho! Hum!

People Power


Treasures In The Garden


Starting off from little things..…..


          small actions                                                                           Big

        X                                      Add up to               CHANGE    

        Lots of people

                                                                                                                                           Power Blog

……… and lots of support, can often mean a growth, into something big!

                                               My word for today is “GROWING!”

A Conscious Decision

Treasures In The Garden


Making a conscious decision to forgive in the present…….


When we decide to forgive

we can’t change the past.

 However,it will make really big

changes to our future.


…….will so improve how we live in later years.

  My word for today is “FORGIVENESS!”