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New Beginnings

Treasures In The Garden


We are part way into the lovely new year of 2016. A new year gives us the chance to start a new and better life. It’s time to make the most of it.

Reflect on what we have already accomplished.

Be thankful for our life and for our achievements so far.

 We won’t be satisfied at that.


We will be determined to reach for even greater things….

and we will achieve them.

Maria Fontaine- Mottos forSuccess

My word for today is “ACHIEVE!”

I WILL live in JOY!


Making a Choice

Treasures In The Garden

May each day of our life be filled with…….


ability to move

forward, knowing the

future will be better

than the past.

Today…. I choose to 

 be HAPPY.

        Women Working. com

….contentment, happiness, and most of all LOVE!

My word for today is “FORWARD!”

Starting Out Anew

Treasures In The Garden

What can we do…….

As we start a new year

untouched and unmarred,

Unblemished and flawless,

 unscratched and unscarred,

May we try to do better 

 and accomplish much more

And be kinder and wiser

than in the year just gone before-

Let us wipe our slates clean

and start all over again,

For this privilege has been given to all sincere (wo)men

who will humbly

admit they have failed in some ways

But are willing to try to improve these “new days”

By asking God’s in all that they do

 And counting on God to refresh and renew

Their courage and faith when things go wrong

 And the way seems scarey and dark

  and the road rough and long-

What can we do 

when the year is so new?

The choice is ours


                                    Helen Steiner Rice


……. To make our new year better?


My word for today is CHOICES!” 

Coming up winners

Treasures In The Garden


To survey each experience with an optimistic approach.……



The real winners in Life

are usually the people

 who look at every situation

 with an expectation that

 they can make it work

 or that they can make it better. 

                                       Barbara Fletcher

sets us up to be in a winning situation.


My word today is “Optimism!