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Holy Cow !

Treasures In The Garden

Living the best life possible…….

Life’s journey is not about

arriving at our grave

in a body that is well preserved….

But rather it is to skid in

sideways, totally worn out

shouting: ” Holy Cow….

what a journey that was!”

I have lived a total and full life.

Thank you, God!

…. I hope I have done what you asked.

I will live my life with a heart filled with joy and gratitude!

My word for today is “JOURNEY!”


Sooner rather than later

Treasures In The Garden


Is it better to take the risk today…….

And a day may arrive

when the risk to remain

 tight and warm in our own little coocoon,

 will be greater than the risk 

we need to take to open our wings and FLY!


…….than to wait that little bit too long…..


My word today is “journey”