Don’t judge a book by its cover

an unlikely genius

12549072_573674822788450_6823035698947986578_nThis is Cathia and if you were to meet her, you would say she is just like any other girl you may have met. Well to a degree, yes she is just like any other girl, she looks just like you would expect a young girl of twenty to look. However unlike like most girls Cathia has Asperger’s. So how does that make her any different? Well for Cathia the world doesn’t occur the same as it does for you and me. For Cathia some of the filters that we have that control our thoughts, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations are not there. Therefore most of the times she is not able to put a block on all the stimulus her mind and body is receiving from the world around her. Social situations that most people find enjoyable, Cathia finds overwhelming and chaotic.

Cathia was diagnosed with Asperger’s when she…

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