Create a life worth living

I was very inspired by this blog. Its a tiny part of a conversation I had on this subject and it is an eye opener. Oh to find out why you are here when you are young and not at the old age I am now.

an unlikely genius

A good friend of mind once said to me “You really don’t know what’s worth living for until you know what’s worth dying for”. If I look back on it, it took me a long while to get what he meant. I lived in the world of trying to find myself, like that would give me a better understanding of where i was headed in life. As I reflected on his words I started to get a clearer understanding of what he was saying and today I believe his words to be so true.

That which is worth dying for gives inspiration and passion. We see it all the time in the world around us. Especially with parent who would do any thing for their kids. Sometimes they would risk anything for them, like a mother risking her own life in labour to bring the life of a child into…

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