Small, Simple Acts Of Kindness Really Can Go an Incredibly Long Way. This Woman Is An Inspiration.

Kindness Blog

Blankets suddenly started appearing on park benches in Boston last February. Attached to the blankets were notes, which read the following:

“These blankets are not lost! If you are cold, without shelter, and looking for comfort then they are for you! Please take one. Enjoy, and know that you are important.”

kindness - free blankets

Each also had a $5 dollar gift card packed in that could be spent on food.

The blankets were a great gift for those without homes that had to endure the cold winter.

But the mystery of who put the blankets there still remained. Until now. As media attention around the blankets rose, someone told the press about Cathy O’Grady.

“It was me,” she admitted. “Somebody squealed on me… but I’m not bummed about it. If I can motivate other people to help out, that’s the purpose of all this.”

O’Grady, an accountant from nearby Watertown, has been heading…

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