Making Connections

Treasures In The Garden


When difficulties arise in my life…….


An approach to keeping relationships on an even keel:


Talk things through,

try gentle persuasion,

Aim for reconciliation,

Try not to use accusation

……. I try hard to foster unity, acceptance, harmony and love.

 And if all else fails I pray.


My word for today is “HARMONY!”


2 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. I love the positive attitude of your writings. There is peace at the core of each one. I would almost call them devotions; coming from a Pastor such as myself, they cause the mind to think on those things that are “above” and not the base things of the world.
    I’m going to add your site to my links page and though I follow a lot of sites, I will be back to read more. Your posts are uplifting and we can ALL use a bit of that in our day to day journeys! God bless your for your “sowing the seeds” of Peace, may the Holy Spirit grant you a very, bountiful and rich harvest!

    • Hello, Pastor Roland.
      I really feel encouraged by your kind words. My blog started out as a way to keep myself in a positive place, but I find it encouraging that others are also touched by the positivity as well. I feel uplifted to find that my own needs have encouraged others. to follow the contents of my blogs.
      Thank you for adding a link.
      May God bless and keep you too. Many blessings to you and yours..
      In Friendship.

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