Small Miracles


Treasures In The Garden


Worth watching out for….


Did you ever pray for a miracle?

Do you hope for a sign on high?

Is there anyone listening up there at all,

or are there only just clouds in the sky?

There’s no pillar of fire to follow;

no walking on water to see.

So if God really looks down from heaven

what signs do you think there should be?


God is that smile from a stranger.

when things are desperately bad.

Or the friend who just happened to be there

 when you found yourself feeling sad.

God’s that phone call from someone

who you thought had forgotten your name;

the hope that you find when it’s hopeless,

and you thought you were out of the game.

Then again God might be the wind,

that snatches off somebody’s hat.

 Hand it back, next thing you’re…

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