Still Living the Dream

It was great reading this again. It brought back great memories of the places we saw, the wonderful people we travelled with. It was very special.


From My Travels

Putting others needs before my own

 will be the surest way to personal happiness.


Our travel companions – on the last day of our trip in the Uk

We are at left. Our bus driver at front and tour director in red skirt

near us. This was taken at Bath in England. The next day we were in

Amsterdam. We took the rain with us to there as well.

 Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
 I still have100% of  the rest of my life to live.

 The journey home was very long. We left the cruise ship at Budapest

 on Sunday at 10am. We had a 7hr wait till our plane flew out to Munich.

 We had a 5hr wait at Munich until we flew out to Dabai. Slept on the

 plane. Had another wait at Dubai and then…

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