Loving Me- Being Me

Treasures In The Garden


When you need something to believe in

start by believing in YOURSELF: 



I love the exciting life I lead ,

 I love my warm loving heart,, I really care about my body.

 I love my home and where I live,

I love my inquiring mind

I love my little idiosyncrasies,

        I love my weird sense of humour,

I love my my hazel eyes, I love my Family.

I love to be inspiring and I love to be inspiration to others,

I love being vibrant and enthused, I love thinking deep thoughts,

 I love to sleep, I love to drink cold water,

 I love to sing, I love to laugh,

I love to create exciting things, I love my beautiful soul.


and the “me” who is really me!

                                                                                                                         pure truth  

Promote the things that you love in life,

 NOT the things you dislike!

                                                                 soul writings 


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