Treasures In The garden

Friendship has shown me how good life can be….

Once in a while someone comes along,

 who just very naturally makes everyone feel

a little happier,

a little more alive to life.



My friend,

 you’ve been that someone to me.

You have given me perspective

on a lot of things – including myself.



I admire you, my friend,for so many reasons….

For your warmhearted nature,

 for making our times together, so special,

 for the way you let me know I can always share my feelings with you.



There are things you said to me that i always remember, and ways that you have helped me that I’ll never forget.

The times we spend together are always good times. that 

 always leave me looking forward to the next time.


It’s good to say in so many words

 how you’ve made my world a little brighter,,,,

 A little friendlier.


So thank you for the wonderful person that you are.

 You are my inspiration.

 And I am very glad that you are part of my life

                                                .Larry S. Chengges



So if you are my friend, my sister, my brother, my daughter- in – law, my son,

 my grand daughter, my great grandson, my husband, my brother- in – law, my cousin, my (F) daughter my (F) son, who is very special in my life:


Thank you for being the  wonderful person that you are.

 You have been my inspiration, and I am so glad  that you are part of my life.

 I Love you.


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