At this moment

Treasures In The Garden


How often do we take special people for granted….


How often do we tell the ones we love 

what they mean to us

and how grateful we are that they are part of our lives?

 How often do we willingly forgive 

those who have betrayed us,

 or hurt us sometime through our life?

How often do we remember that the ones we love

 will not remain here on earth with us forever?

We seem to take people in our life for granted.

We may leave it too late to reconcile or apologize.

But…… tomorrow may just be that bit too late!

So while we are alive we must never stop saying “I love you”, “thank you”

to those who bless our lives:

Appreciate people who are in our life,

be grateful for lessons learned,

forgive wrongs,

 rekindle bonds,

enjoy each moment of our life,

remember and value special people before they die.

All we have is this moment to express our love.


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