Pass It On

New leaves appearing on the persimmon

From My Garden

My heart is opening ever wider and wider.

Love flows in and love flows out ever increasingly.

 I feel great.

I love people around me and people enjoy my company.

This is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of my life left to live.

The weather has been so changeable. Yesterday is so warm and today is very chilly. There is quite a breeze

blowing today and I think that sneaky wind is what is making the weather so much  cooler today.

This week in our town we have a country muster happening. The show grounds look like “caravan city”. There are 800+ caravans in our showgrounds there to join in the event. Caravans started to arrive 2 weeks ago, and musical things have been happening since Tuesday. We are so close we can hear a lot of the music which is very enjoyable. This big event is so good for our town, finacially, tourist wise, socially, spiritually (our church was full of visitors last week and will probably be again this week) and of course, joyfully, because of all the lovely music that is happening there.

 But the really great thing is, that we have a visitor who is visiting the event, but staying with us…. IN HER CARAVAN! It has been so lovely to have her hereWe have so little company that we are revelling in having someone to share our lives with. This lady is so friendly and so sharing. We are so lucky to have her share her time with us.

Yesterday I went for remedial massage with Simone. I came away feeling like heaven. But while I was there I picked up a little quote. They always have a quote at the front door of the practce that I attend. It fitted in with what is happening at the moment and I want to share it:

“Love Is energy. Pass it forward. It starts with us.”

Our friend has passed her love, her lovely company and beautiful attitude on to us and I’d like to pass some of the joy I have received from that on to you. C


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