Journey To Discovery



On this foggy morning it was minus 3 degrees and positively

 freezing. Just couldn’t get warm. But by lunchtime it was toasty warm again.


From My Garden


Today is the first day of the rest of my life

 I have 100% of the rest of my life to live.


Life brings me only good experiences.

I am ready to be open to new and wonderful changes.


I am so excited.  I am going to join a choir. Tonight will be my first practice. I have long been a fan of this choir, and have thought I’d like to join. But for me it’s always been “I’m gunna….” but it doesn’t happen. So here I am on my way at long last, getting past the “I’m gunna” stage. I have few abilities to sing, but I like to sing, and always sang to my children when they were little. I can sing tunefully.So hopefully I can be good at this new activity. My D.I.L. and grand children have been part of an 80 voice choir which I loved so much. They have so much fun with their singing. So here’s hoping this new experience will be as rewarding for me too.



I am discovering, as each day passes, that life can be a great adventure.

 There can be so much to discover.

 Life is an amazing journey as I have discovered in my life journey so far.

 We can bring true meaning into our life when we embrace changes that nourish us in our heart and soul and mind 

So join me each day on my journey… through the mundane and the exciting.


So today I’m wishing discovery of new experiences and excitement to come into your living too, to give it meaning and fulfillment. Much love. C


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