Adding Enthusiasm

Taken on the table of our outdoor setting under the trees. Isn’t it just a little beauty? I love visitors like these in my garden. 

From My Garden

I need to remember that enthusiasm is not

an accessory to my life. It is an absolute necessity.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of the rest of my life left to live.

 Yesterday, I did some cooking in the morning. I made Hungarian Goulash. I’ve never made this dish before. It was quite simple, very colourful, with very few ingredients, and enough , with mash and peas, to serve 4 people. I couldn’t find a recipe in my multitude of cookbooks, so I resorted to asking the internet for help. I was delighted with the result. My next culinary effort is going to be goulash soup. We had some on board ship in Hungary and I quite liked what we ate. 

 Later i was able to fit time in, in my garden. I had bought punnets of flower plants and planted up my hanging baskets.  Soon I will have baskets of flowering delight. Evev now with only the greenery the baskets look so much better than empty bare baskets.

 Today I found it hard to be enthusiastic about a visit to the accountant and all the paperwork and information required. However, at the end of my visit, when the accountant told me my tax return results, I became most enthusiastic indeed. In my head I was spending it on the new roof for my deck which we have yearned for, for a couple of years now. In summer it gets so hot out there.  A roof is badly needed. The visit was very productive.

So once again I have contributed to positive, productive and peaceful and added enthusiasm. Well done!

 So on to my next project for today, which is Apple Slice – with only 4 ingredients. I have made this  dessert before, and it is even easier than Hungarian goulash. I will have that ready in no time…. and it is very yummy indeed!

 And then into the garden…….

 I wish you a positive, productive, peaceful, and enthusiastic day and hope you too can share it with others. C 

 If I am to particpate in the game of life I will need to appreciate every precious moment.


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