Positve,Productive, Peaceful Outcome


One of the bonuses of living where it is cold.


From My Garden

I must not let failure defeat me.

I must get up and begin again.


Today is the first day of the rest of my lifel

I have 100% of the rest of my life to ive.

 This week has been a week of failures for me – not drastic ones thank goodness -but failures to get up and be motivated. I have had a bout of the flu and while my health has been improving day by day with the help of medication, my cough hangs on and pulls me down.

 So yesterday I decided to do a couple of extra things that were different from what I’ve been doing everyday.  I spent time pruning my roses, fertilising and watering them – a job well done. But the job didn’t get finished because I ran out of fertiliser and had to wait till today to be able to purchase some more. But I made the start, and it’s such a beautiful morning this morning, that I know when I come in from church I will have the motivation to finish the job.

 But the best thing I did yesterday was to attend our Community Art Group meeting. Only 6 of us attended but they are such a delightful group and so motivated, I came away feeling quite happy and with a few plans to put in place to keep me busy over the next month. Thank you to my Art Group friends who really lifted my spirits when I most needed it.

 I remember when I was young, my Mum used to quote “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again” ( I think it may have been part of an old poem ) . So here I am back today blogging again, being positive, productive and peaceful, after a week of feeling sorry for myself. There seems to be something into the mindset of ‘keep on keeping on’

 Sunday, HERE I COME!

 Be inspired:

Take a stand for yourself in a big way or even a small way – starting today……….. and when you do and you succeed: PASS IT ON. C


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