Partipating In the Game of Life

An abundant crop of oranges. A reward like this makes gardening well worthwhile.

         From My Garden

Even if happiness forgets me sometimes I never give up …. I keep on keeping on.

I am responsible for making my own happiness.

Happiness is Not having things. It’s inner peace, a spiritual glow, a reaching out to others, a love of self, and appreciation of the good things life has to offer.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of the rest of my life to live.

To wake up to sunshine today was so uplifting. After a number of overcast, raining and gloomy days, and still suffering a little jet lag, was most helpful to my spirits. But today is so much brighter. It was nice to get back to church and catch up.

Father John is in Vietnam for 5 weeks and we have been blessed with the presence of Father Dan, who has such a sunny disposition. He makes any gloomy gospel reading seem bright and encouraging. Today he spoke about the disciples being sent out to preach wearing sandals and only having one tunic- to travel light. and Father Dan said……” and when they washed their tunics they sat around in their underwear while their tunics dried”…… which made us all think about how difficult it must have been for the preachers to go out to spread God’s word.

And afterwards a cuppa and scone and shared conversation with other parishioners we hadn’t seen for 5 weeks. A bit of lightheartedness when, after about a half hour, Bob turned up looking a little flustered, saying that he and Father Dan had spent all that time trying to get out of the church. While he and Father Dan had been deep in conversation the church had been locked up with them still inside talking. Naturally everybody thought that was quite hilarious. But Bob wasn’t impressed because he had to go back in and fix the door they had broken out of.

 Even going to church can be exciting as well as rewarding.

If I am going to continue to participate in the game of life I am going to need to continue to  appreciate each precious moment and most especially the lighthearted ones…………. come join me in finding and appreciating those precious moments. C


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