Finding excitement in everyday living

Some mystical creatures who grace my indoor garden. A cute gift from my daughter-in-law

       From My Garden

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of the rest of my life to live.


Some smart employers share both profits and credit with their employees.. This is not always because it is deserved, but because the employer knows it is a way to greater success for a business and for the benefit of encouraging the employee to participate and enjoy the fruits of that success. 

 I love my job.

The benefits from working where I work is not only the monetary reward, but the reward of being part of a very successful enterprise. I hear that everywhere I go, when I tell people where I am employed. I am told constantly ” that place has a very good reputation”. That’s so great to be part of something  like that and to know I make a small contribution to it’s success in my own unique way.

 The other rewards that I reap are:

 that I am much older than all the people who are employed at my place of work, and I am truly grateful that at my age I can still make a contribution to a thriving business;.

 my children and grandchildren are a long way away so I am lucky that I work with younger people who are around my children’s ages and give me stimulating company as I work; 

  and of course the nature of my work is with children, so while I don’t have my grandchildren in my daily life I can share the joy and excitement and company  of small children as they journey through their lives unaware of the contribution they make to my life;

 and the fact that I have other things to contribute to conversation at home other that my garden, housework, my pets, the weather.

 So it makes life more exciting to go to a job that rewards me in more ways than with money.

I like the money too. It allows me to travel and get to see my family at least once a year.

So once again the mundane can be exciting if I look at the positives within the eveyday environment of where I live, how I live, why I do what I do, and how I make that all work.

 I wish you the joy in finding excitement in the mundane of your everyday life. I know you will find it there if you just look. C.


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