Circling On and On

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Ripple Effect

Welcome to my front door.

             From My Garden

Happenings in life are like a series of chain reactions
– just like when I throw a stone into the water and the
ripples circle out. Each event has an effect on the the
 next one down the line. I may remember the end result,
but not all the small choices I made each day that either
 got me closer to my goal or took me farther away.
Well, life is back to the mundane again – washing and ironing and cleaning and cooking dinner. I have done none of these in the last 5 weeks, not even making my bed.
And yet the mundane is important. This brings me back to earth and grounds me into who  I really am. Iam not the served but the server. There is no pleasure or achievement in being served and having no accomplishment other than having a good time. However, there is a accomplishment in having a clean house in making a pleasant, tasty meal, in being able to make someone happy, in being a human being with purpose a and worth.
And my memories are still there from my wonderful holiday, sharing my experience with my work colleagues and listening to their aspirations and dreams for their coming journeys or journeys they have already travelled on. Yes, I am back at work already. I didn’t know how much I missed the company of my younger work mates or the babble of small children asking me where I had been. Even they were interested in the story of being on the plane and the boat.
 I am glad to be back to the mundane. There’s excitement and fun even in that too. That is who I am.
Hoping all your dreams come true and I can be a part of your sharing of the fulfillment of your dreams and journeys as well . C.





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