Appreciating exciting experiences

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I have 100% of the rest of my life.


One personal success I have experienced outweighs every failure that happened beforehand. 

Didn’t Thomas Edison have many failures before he finally succeeded in inventing

the light bulb?


 Here we are today at Killarney in Ireland,What a beautiful part of the country. We have enjoyed our time in Irelan. Galway  was a great place. At Galway we did some walking. We went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There are two huge Cathedrals in Galway and both of them are protestant. The other is Christchurch Cathedral which was right across the road from our hotel. We got to look at that as well.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Christchurch Cathedral










We did some shopping for ourselves, the first real shopping since we’ve been here – a couple of scarves and a hat for me and a souvenier shirt of Ireland for Nigel. They have such beautiful unique stuff here. I could spend madly but I guess that wouldn’t be very sensible.


The best part of our visit was our tour of the Guiness Factory. It is situated at Kingsgate  on 50acs in Galway, the original site, since 1759. It was so interesting. I got to try a pint of guiness. It’s very nice tasting- very creamy. We did the tasting in a glass building we think is the highest bar in the world with 360 degrees view of Galway… followed by dinner which of course was beef and guiness stew- very yum indeed, We are bringing back the recipe of course.


scene from Scarrif Inn







Today we travelled the ring of Kerry. Prior to that we visited Adare to see some gorgeous thatched cottages, They are quite beautiful and quaint. We lunched at Scarrif Inn that overlooked a glorious scenery. The whole Kerry Ring journey was totally glorious. Then we went for a jaunty ride on a a jaunting cart which was really great experience.

Thatched roof cottages at Adare



The jaunting cart









In the jaunting cart we visited Killarney National Park and saw Ross Castle and some lovely scenery.

Ross Castle

swans on the river


On the river at the national park





Last night we attended a traditional Irish celebration held at Bunratty Folk Park:

Irish music

Irish songs

Irish dancing

Irish stew

honey mead

Bailey’s Irish cream

A truly wonderful night.


The best of this part of our holiday so far has been here in Ireland, It is just such a beautiful place, We’ve met such beautiful people. Today we met some people  from another tour, who shared our lunch table, also Australians from South Australia. We’ve come thousands of miles across the world to meet up with other fellow Australians. What a wonderful world we live in. We wish you peace- the same peace we are experiencing is this beautiful part of the world.,,, pass it on. C


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