Brand New Day

At the entrance to Hadrians Wall
A view of the remaining wall
At Edinburgh Castle

        From My Travels

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

 I have 100% of the rest of my life to live

Today,June 14, we arrived in Edinburgh Scotland- Adam’s birthday. Happy birthday Adam.It was a beautiful sunny day- great for lifting ones spirits.

The bus we travel in.

On that day the first place we visited was Hadrians Wall, which was built by Hadrian in about the first century. There’s not much of the wall left. It used to be 73miles long, We saw it at a place called Heddon – on- wall.

At the Scottish border
Jedburgh Abbey ruins

We also visited Abbey ruins at Jedburgh and Melrose. Both very beautiful.There was a really lovely garden at Melrose as well. I liked these ruins better than Edinburgh Castle

Melrose Abbey ruins
Harmony Cottage

We arose this morning to drizzling rain. But it didn’t daunt us. We went to explore Edinburgh. At Edinburgh Castle there was so much history. Edinburgh is a very old city. Travelling around the city is slow going. It’s good we are on holidays and not in a hurry.

 Last night we went to traditional Scottish entertainment: bagpipes, sword and highland dancing, singalong, piping in the haggis, haggis tasting -great night out.Tonight we are having dinner on the royal yacht Britannia.

Everyday brings a new experience, some where new to explore, new people to meet.

I guess that’s what experiencing new cultures is all about. Great to be part of it.

Keep good. Keep positive, Pass it on… C


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