A whole new experience

     Sunday, 10 June 2012
A whole new Experience

T On the steps of St.Paul’s Cathedral


Outside the Eiffel Tower restaurant
With Yeoman Of the guard, Phil, at London Tower

     From My Travels

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

I have 1005 of the rest of my life to live.

Well, what an exciting time we have had so far.
Arrive in London Saturday lunch,Saturday night. travelled by tube underground to see the musical
“The Lion King”- fabulous show.
Tour of London Sunday- tower of London- crown jewels, changing of the guard at Buck Palace , Her Majesty’s Life guards, St, Paul’s Cathedral,a boat ride on the river Thames, a ride on the London Eye. Fish and chips for lunch,Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Tower Bridge. Sore legs that day.
Tour of Paris Monday, Lunch at the Eiffel Tower, a ride in the Euro Star under the English Channel- 21/2 hour trip each way,Notre Dame’, the Louvre’ to visit Mona and Venus- absolutely huge place.
Today,Tuesday, on tour to Hampton Court, Oxford, Stratford – on- Avon, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Loads of rain other than in Paris where it was sunny,
We are being positive and looking forward to sunshine … tomorrow.The place is just so green.
This not my usual blog, A long way from my garden. Took some lovely photos of roses at Hampton Court. Roses grow really well here.

This has been a fabulous experience so far, I have learned so much. The world is a wonderful exciting place. People are very exciting and nice. History is such an exciting place to be part of. I’m so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to enjoy other cultures.

Thank you world for being there for us.
Thank you world for sharing your wonders with me.C

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